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Alps As Bitcoin Vault in Xapo Touts Former Military Bunker

Bitcoin wallet Xapo has allowed a journalist to visit a secret former military bunker in the Swiss Alps that the company uses to store Bitcoin for its private c...

Next Stock Market Crash, Says Expert Bitcoin Will Be Safe Haven During

eToro analyst says financial institutions will turn to Bitcoin during a crisis.

Now Past $9,500 Bitcoin Continues Running

Bitcoin at $9,500, and more to come with institutional investment pending.

The Buyer Is The ‘Greater Fool’ Mainstream Media On $10k Bitcoin

Bitcoin buyers are foolish for buying at higher prices, an analyst implies, as the virtual currency trades at $9,500.

Million Bitcoins Gone Forever ANALYSIS Up To Four

A new study suggests as many as four mln Bitcoins have been lost in different ways.

Says Former SEC Boss Amid Crypto Boom “ICOs Are Absolutely Securities”

ICOs would be gone if this former SEC commissioner had his way.